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Evermore London light scented candle handmade soy and coconut wax vegan for Modern Craft

Light Scented Candle | Evermore

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Evoking long summer days, Light is inspired by the sun-drenched gardens and citrus tree lined streets of Seville. Infused with grapefruit perfume oil, bergamot and petitgrain essential oils over a beautiful base of rosewood. Bright citrus notes energise and uplift; a real room filler, and perfect for when you have guests. 

Inspired by nature, the seasons and the skies, these simple and modern candles use pure essential oils and toxin-free ingredients, and are hand-poured by Sarah in her East London studio. All of the candles in the range are made from an ethical and sustainable soy wax and organic coconut oil blend, suitable for vegans, and with a focus on natural ingredients, sourced from the UK.

Also available in Moon, North and Tides.


Burn time: 15 hours approx
Weight: 90ml

Always burn candles on a level surface, within sight, and away from drafts. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Handmade in East London, by Sarah of Evermore.

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